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Global benefit of investing in Girl education

The importance of Education can not be over emphasized as it is seen in all practical circumstances around the globe.

In Africa, the focus on Education has done a lot to get children off the streets and into school which has greatly reduced the number of children who are engaged in street hawking and the likes.

With the introduction of the sustainable development goal 4, a lot of organizations, international and local have taken a keen interest towards investing in the Education of Africa children.

In less than two years, a lot of impact have been felt in the area of female education thus reducing the gender disparity by 15% and reducing inequalities by that same percent. More and more children are interested in acquiring Education than sitting at home.

Let’s take the case of Angbiandoo, who dropped out of school due to Pregnant related issues. After practical Education in less than four months, she understood the importance of child spacing and the implications of early marriage and subsequent child bearing issues, this has influenced her knowledge and will reduce the number of maternal deaths in Africa.

Between 2013 and 2017, women involvement in politics and economic growth has increased through the investment of Education and a lot of Youths have taken up creation of job opportunities through groundbreaking innovations, ideas and skill set, all of this have been made possible with the global interest in Education.

The GDP of countries in Africa will be better boosted when there is reduced inequalities, increase in income, and heighten level of global investment in Education.

Education fosters peace, and prevents disaster related deaths, reduced child marriage as children forced into marriage at early stages will be in school.

The investment in Education has thus far increase the chances of combating HIV/AIDS, imagine what further research will do.

Let me draw your attention to a certain common issue we neglect a lot about concerning health matters.

Lack of Education breeds destructive ignorance and forges superstitions amongst people.  A situation in 2003 opened my eyes. At the time, investment in Education had not been taken into great consideration. I had a friend who lost her father and it was attributed to witchcraft, in 2015 however, after much Educational research and reading, we discovered the condition he died of was as a result of kidney problem.

If we had had global intervention in our Educational sector then, just maybe his life would have been saved right?

Exactly, with disruptive global investment in our Educational sector, more lives will be saved, better health facilities will established, this will boost economic growth and further promote equal rights among genders.

In 2017, alone, i have encountered intelligent personalities from different countries in Africa who are championing the course for and intervention to combat climate change.

There is Benedine in Nigeria, doing an awesome job of recycling waste, there is Antoinette in Ghana who runs a Program that ensures no food is wasted, there is Ja in a small town in Gambia making sure women have equal opportunities and access to health, Education and jobs, there is Jules in Cameroon who runs an organization that sends qualified doctors across borders to make sure all countries have access to good health. All of these have been made possible through acquisition of either practical or theoretical Education.

In conclusion, we should be appreciative of the efforts made by thousands of International Organization towards making Education a priority in Africa. We as citizens of our respective countries should also look for more innovative ideas and interventions towards ensuring that children all over Africa acquire an Education.

  1. The Ripple Vision Foundation based in United Kingdom has a core focus of making sure No child is left behind in Africa through investment in Girl child Education and establishment of a REMA weekend School in Nigeria.
  2. She’s the First is a New York City, New York-based non-profit organization. The organization seeks to empower girls in Asia, Africa, and Latin America by facilitating the sponsorship of their education through creative and innovative means.
  3. Working through local organizations, The African Children’s Educational Trust is supporting thousands of youngsters with long-term scholarships and a community rural elementary schools building programme. It has built seven schools to date and is raising funds for more.
  4. British Airways’ “” project which, in collaboration with UNICEF, opened the model school Kuje Science Primary School in Nigeria in 2002.
  5. The Elias Fund provides scholarships to children in Zimbabwe to get a better education.
  6. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in association with Humanity First, an international charity organisation, has built over 500 schools in the African continent and is running a ‘learn a skill’ initiative for young men and women.
  7. The Volkswagen Foundation has been running a funding initiative called “Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa” since 2003. It provides scholarships for young African researchers and helps to establish a scientific community in African universities.
  8. The Malala Fund has influenced a lot of start up interventions on schools and provision of funding in most countries in Africa.
  9. AidaRuralGirlSchoolProject is an innovative project initiated by a start up NGO in Benue, Nigeria to provide Education funding for 1000 out of school girls living in rural communities and empowering them through skill acquisition programs.

Ngunan Ioron Aloho

Barack Obama Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) RLC Fellow, 2017