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January 3, 2018
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Importance of mentor-ship towards career choice


NOT ALWAYS LAWYER, DOCTOR: The Aftermath of Career Choice Influence and Importance of Mentorship.


Isn’t it amazing the degree of respect bestowed upon students in said professional courses and job careers of high standing like Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Architecture and so on while teachers, singers, writers, artists are more often looked down on because the courses are said to be unprofessional until the singer becomes rich?

      Here is the untold truth about the high number of students choosing professional courses each and every day. Out of 10.5 million in school students in Nigeria, more than half make the drastic mistake of choosing careers based on parental choice and peer pressure, this is so because the parents believe the path towards acquiring a professional course is the most successful for the child and builds a certain ego for the parents in question.

    This has grave consequences on the individual which in turn affects the human and economic development of not just our communities but the entire Nation. Most of the students become unhappy, unfocused in the chosen careers because of lack of interest and passion in such career choices that are not entirely their focus or flair. While others grow into, others don’t. This affects the tenacity used in carrying out duties and breeds low productivity.

This situation cuts across both the Arts and Sciences, where the kids are, as a result of peer pressure, family pressure or inner conflicts, coerce into making wrong career choices at really early stages which are unlikely to be corrected in the future, this is detrimental as students feel unintelligible due to failure in courses that are not correlated with the interests they desire to pursue in life.

     Our parents should be sensitize on the importance of allowing children be the core decision makers in choosing careers path and they should only act as guidance towards helping the children understand the roles, and duties, and level of expertise needed in careers. If such sensitization program is carried out, it will mitigate the level of negative influence parents have on children in choosing their careers paths and jobs. This will help emphasize the importance of other courses not exactly prioritized like Theatre Arts which most parents discourage children from taking part in which has a negative outlook on Actors and Actress and traditional dancers. These are lucrative career choices that will help boost the Nation’s economy, and create even more tourist investments. We neglect the importance of photographers who keep telling our stories, and need I remind you it’s very lucrative, scriptwriters, teachers, farmers who are the enablers of our today’s economy and entrepreneurs who are growing more and more, bringing in new ideas, innovations and ground breaking disruption.

With the introduction and strict adhere to mentorship Program on career path and jobs, the importance of self-decision of a career towards achieving sustainable development. These programs should border on the different fields of work, their importance to the society, prerequisites and guidelines towards achieving success in each career path.

In conclusion, those who want to become doctors, should be guided towards that and those who want to go into Theatre Arts, Music and professional photography should also be allowed and supported towards achieving that dream. The teacher is the one who trains the doctor.