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The IVY illustration book


Samuel Ioron Foundation -SIF  on 10th August, 2019 launched the IVY project which features the Illustration book and a short film adaptation to be used for campaigns against child marriage.

The Illustration book is based on the tale of a teenage girl who is forced out of school and traded into marriage by her father. The book explores the consequences of child marriage, effect on mental and emotional state, and shows how education is important for the girl child and the World.

Overtime, International Organizations and other government agencies has invested a lot of resources into increasing educational access for girls, positive results have been visible but a lot still remains to be done, this remains so, because of communication and language barrier. Stakeholders and rural dwellers are still yet to understand why education is important for their girl children. With innovative art, illustrations and dialogue, stakeholders will engage more with the project. Visual arts and illustrations translated into indigenous languages will bring to light the issues faced and this will in turn scale up campaigns on increasing girl child enrollment into schools, reducing child marriage and consequences thereof.

The IVY Illustration book is available both as a paperback and digital material. It can be used as resource tool for fostering civic participation and engaging stakeholders during campaigns centered on child marriage, health risks and importance of investing in girl education.