Ordinarily, rape is forcefully having sex with someone against her wish or will, especially using violence. Over 90% of predatory sex is perpetrated by males against females. To some extent, rape reflects the ambivalence, moral decadence, ethical bankruptcy, materialism, corrupt soul, widespread promiscuity and hypocrisy that have characterized Nigerians over the years. There is no age limit regarding rape as children, babies, adolescents, matured adults, mothers, grandmothers, and women of over 70 years are being raped or defiled recklessly. Rape, generally speaking, is an infringement on the rights of individuals, particularly children and could amount to gross violation of child rights.There are different kinds of Rape from Incest to stranger Rape where
relatives of the Girl have intercourse with her either forcefully or without force but without her knowing it's Rape.
Rape has a lot of consequences on its victims and it also brings about Teen pregnancy and Abortion. More than 750,000 Girls suffer from these ills every year.


To create awareness on these ills and provide informed knowledge to more than 1,000,000 million Girls.