Ngunan Ioron Aloho is a Law graduate and a social entrepreneur. Born in 1992, she hails from Vandeikya Local Government area of Benue State.
She lost her father in 2003, and was left with her mother and siblings with no means of livelihood.
She attended Ternamdoo School and Mount Carmel college after which she proceeded to Benue State University in 2009 to study Law.She founded the Samuel Ioron Foundation in 2012 with the aim of creating awareness on issues affecting Girl children. Issues of Rape, Teen pregnancy, Abortion, Gender Inequality, Education through seminars, workshops, prep talks and social media encounter.
She founded the Foundation to be a voice to the Voiceless as she had been in disturbing situations as a growing child.
Samuel Ioron Foundation has organized and launched Campaigns against Rape and Abortion in 2014 which generated a lot of media attention


Chairman-Justina Yough Jika

Hails from Vandeikya, local government area of Benue State.

Vice Chairman-Fr Mom Vealumun Paul

He hails from Gwer East Local Government area of Benue State

Member-Aber Benjamin Terseer

He hails from Gwer East Local Government area of Benue State

Public Relations Officer-David Vanen Aloho

Hails from Ushongo Local Government area of Benue State.A

Treasurer-Collins Ekene Onyekachi

He hails from Oji River Local Government area of Enugu State.