The innovation was founded to create awareness
of issues affecting Girl children and proffering solutions.

To become an International Organization that trains, uplifts and empowers Women and Girls to be formidable future generation leaders.

To create an environment that supports Women, create massive awareness of issues affecting Girl children, increasing Educational and Health care opportunities for impoverished Girls through viable entrepreneurship schemes and an informed Knowledge that contributes to a higher standard of living.

TRANSPARENCY : Open in our judgments and communications with others and make information available to the public.
SELFLESSNESS:Great concern for others in all situations.
INTEGRITY : Steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aims and Objectives of the association are:
To create awareness and pass the knowledge of issues affecting Women and Girls in different communities.
To carry out campaigns against all forms of Sexual and Gender based violence on the Girl Child.
To offer legal assistance to indigent females and canvas for the protection of the Fundamental Rights of the Girl Child.
To create New job opportunities through Entrepreneurship skill acquisition and empowerment for Women.
To provide Financial Aid for the enrollment of 1000 impoverished Girlsto acquire basic Education.
To do all such other lawful things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them
Samuel Ioron Foundation was founded in 2012 as the Women of Change Initiative Program by Ngunan Ioron Aloho.

The innovation was founded to create awareness of issues affecting Girl children and proffering solutions. Issues of Rape, Teen pregnancy, Abortion, Gender Inequality, Trafficking in Women, Healthcare and Education are some of the projects of the Organization. The Organization changed its name from Women of Change Initiative Program to Samuel Ioron Foundation in 2014.
The Organization launched Campaigns against Rape and Abortion in 2013 and 2014 which generated a lot of media traffic and encouraged other start up Organizations to speak up against the ill.
The Project RTA(Rape, Teen pregnancy and Abortion) in secondary schools was launched in 2014/2015 In 2014, the Organization started a peace program in Benue State which started the celebration of the International Friendship Day and Peace Students Competition in Benue State and helped to bridged the gap of Ethnic Marginalization in the State.
In 2016, The Organization, on behalf of its Founder received the award for Women on Fire power of Service award for 'Young Professional of the Year' award. In 2017, The project for Educate a Girl began, themed: Aid a Rural Girl School Project to raise funds for the Educational needs of 1,000 Girls from different communities in the Nation.