Samuel Ioron Foundation

The Weekend School

Started 2016 – 2017

We live in a society that places a high value on white-collar jobs and ‘professionals’.  We consider blue-collar work as low status.

Vocational education is the engine for economic growth in the country. Nigerians should invest in skill training, as no nation can compete effectively in the emerging global marketplace with poorly educated and unskilled workers.

Our Approach

With vocational training for women and girls, a lot will be empowered and this will increase the economic power of the women, their families, and the communities.

We work with expert vocational trainers to train girls during long school leave. An annual workshop is held each August which trains 20 girls on diverse vocational training, seed funding is matched to set up their business.

Vocational training will be focused on but not limited to; drawing, painting, craft making, bead, tailoring, wood work, coding, amongst others.

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