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Teens Talk

Started 2016 – 2018

Teens Talk is a conversational program with teenagers between the ages of 15 – 18 on sex education, career and life and how these topics impact us. 

We hold tea meetings with teenagers and have them share their experiences regarding these topics, have a certified or professional talk to them about the importance of awareness around these issues and offer guidance depending on their experience. The awareness received is personalized based on age and level of understanding of the topic. 

The themes for the TeensTalk project evolve around the following topics:

  • EduSEX
  • Career path and mentorship
  • Wellbeing; meditation and self-care

We are creating a safe space to educate teens and adolescents about making informed sex decisions; about sex and the alternative sex options.

We are availing teens the information about the concept of sex, Abstinence and several other sex options. Not because we want to encourage teens to have sex but be knowledgeable enough to make decisions that don’t impact on their lives in a negative light.

Teaching teens about alternative sex options and letting them open up to discussions on sex will promote informed decisions, and abstinence, and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies, which will impact the number of girls who drop out of school to give birth.

We use a tailored curriculum infused with art, craft and dialogue to break the taboo surrounding sex education amongst teens and adolescents.

With our team of talented volunteers and staff, we host prep talk sessions, workshops and live discussions to engage teens in comprehensive sex education and how it relates to health, personal wellbeing, career and how it can become a deciding factor in how their lives are shaped or will be in future.

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