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Education for Sustainable Development

(ESD) is a transformative learning process that equips students, teachers, and school systems with new knowledge and ways of thinking needed to achieve economic prosperity and responsible citizenship while restoring the health of the living systems upon which lives depend on.

The Problem

Teachers, educators and students lack the practical skills to practice sustainable development as such knowledge is not taught in most schools.

Teachers fail to deliver qualitative and inclusive learning which stunts development due to a lack of expertise, resource materials and knowledge of the techniques to be implored in delivering such teaching which will drive engagement amongst students and foster qualitative learning outcomes.

In most schools in rural communities, the situation is worse.

Our Approach

We have partnered with organizations with accredited and proven interventions centred on delivering teacher training programs on education for sustainable development, we will organize annual workshops and teacher conferences that work to equip the teachers working in underserved communities in Nigeria with the requisite knowledge, resource materials needed to develop skills and enhance teaching methods which will foster qualitative learning amongst students.

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