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Who we are

Samuel Ioron Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Nigeria, increasing educational access for girls living in rural communities, promoting inclusive and qualitative education, the well-being of teenagers and equal access to opportunities.

The organization was founded in 2012 and named the Women of Change Initiative (WOCIP) but renamed and registered in 2017 after the Late Samuel Ioron. The organization was named after him due to his relentless contributions towards ensuring qualitative education for all regardless of gender and his spirit of creating positive change and supporting others. The organization is created to foster gender development and ensure equal opportunities for all with a focus on bridging the gap of female marginalization. 

Due to communication and language barriers that hinder the effective implementation of interventions in rural communities, we use art-based tools and cultural dialogue to drive engagement and civic participation in the underserved and most marginalised communities.


Our projects focus on sensitization – outreaches held in communities and campaigns on social media, Development training in communities to foster renovation programs and building libraries, training teachers for sustainable education and vocational training for girls and policy influencing strategies.


The nonprofit leverages entrepreneurial and sustainable development interventions and methods to ensure ownership of projects in communities for a longer period and raise funds for the organisation through the exchange of branded products and services offered for donation.

Our Vision

To create a supportive environment that trains, uplifts and empower women and girls whilst closing the gap of gender marginalisation.

Our Mission

To break barriers hindering access to education and development for girls living in rural communities, and enhance the development of women to become inter-generational leaders through informed knowledge that contributes to a higher standard through service.

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