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Samuel Ioron Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Nigeria, increasing educational access for girls living in rural communities, promoting inclusive and qualitative education, the well-being of teenagers and equal access to opportunities.

Our Vision

To create a supportive environment that trains, uplifts and empower women and girls whilst closing the gap of gender marginalisation.

Our Mission

To break barriers hindering access to education and development for girls living in rural communities, and enhance the development of women to become inter-generational leaders through informed knowledge that contributes to a higher standard through service.

We’re on a mission to solve these problems


Women’s rights are human rights. With the rise in gender-based violence and victimisation of women in diverse spaces, we are using our images and voices to sensitise the inequalities and power relations as related to women’s rights.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Ensuring equal access to learning opportunities for children is our ultimate goal.


Menstrual health and well being. This is vital to our communities and us, and we work to ensure women and girls have access to menstrual health education and services.

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Red Dots

Facts have showed that Menstruation is still a taboo topic and considered as a disgusting


In 2017 in Nigeria, 43% of girls were married off before the age of 18.

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Always keep in mind the
numerous people who gave their lives so you could enjoy your freedom.
Embrace your pride in being a Nigerian, it is a wonderful nation.
Happy Independence Nigeria!

#independenceday #nigeria #happyindependence
#freedom #celebration

It is not the time for us to fight religious or ethnic wars. It is, more than anything else, a time to embrace peace & unity in other to work towards a common goal for the development of our nation. We must put Nigeria into capable hands
#votewisely #cometonigeria #nigeriadecides

Periods are normal. No one should ever be ashamed or embarrassed because of any period-related issues. Resist the urge to cringe at the mention of menstruation.

#periodsarenormal #periodtalk #endperiodstigma #stopperiodshaming #mimi #menstruation

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