About us

Non – governmental organization

Samuel Ioron Foundation -SIF is a nonprofit organisation based in Nigeria, increasing educational access for girls living in rural communities, promoting inclusive and qualitative education, wellbeing of teenagers and equal access to opportunities.

More About Us


To create a supportive environment that trains, uplifts and empower women and girls whilst closing the gap of gender marginalisation.


To break barriers hindering access to education for girls living in rural communities, and enhance the development of women to become intergeneration leaders through an informed knowledge that contributes to a higher standard.

Our Causes


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela Ensuring equal access to learning opportunities for children is our ultimate


Women’s rights are human rights. With the rise in gender-based violence and victimisation of women in diverse spaces, we are using our images and voices to sensitise about the inequalities and power relations as related to women’s  rights.


Menstrual health and wellbeing is vital to our communities and us, and we work to ensure women and girl have access to menstrual health education and services.