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The Problem

Facts have shown that Menstruation is still a taboo topic and considered a disgusting procedure where girls are shamed for it.

A number of girls of school age all over the world drop out of school due to a lack of period products and the misconception surrounding menstruation has caused mistreatment of girls. A good number of girls have no idea what menstruation is until after their first period. This causes a lot of problems. Menstruation is a shameful topic for most girls to discuss. In most cultures, girls are secluded from performing religious activities and often made to feel to stay away from family members or live alone during period months.

A lot of girls have no real knowledge of when to expect their next period, a procedure that can be done through period tracking.

Menstruation is also one of the major reasons girls miss classes and perhaps even drop out of school.

Our Approach

Being aware of these problems, we chose alternatives methods to drive discussions on menstruation to reduce the taboo surrounding menstruation, encourage girls to share their period stories and foster more sustainable menstruation practices through discussions, chats, conferences centred on educating stakeholders about menstruation and advocating for the use of reusable and safe period products and to reduce plastic waste.

With our affordable period kit; three – five reusable pads, one – three pant liners, reusable shaving stick, knitted washcloth and illustrative period calendar, we are serving period through matched donations.

Learn about menstruation through our resource material

Download our period book and learn about menstruation, how to calculate your cycle, track period and what products are available for use.

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